Crossing the Austrian border in the middle of Vienna

On 19th December 2018 the 3AHET and 3BHET visited the UNO-City in Vienna. There we had a guided tour through the workplace of over 3500 people, where we learned about the UN itself and its efforts to improve human rights.

UN stands for United Nations, an international organization, which is currently made up of 193 member states. It tries to improve global collaboration concerning topics like peace and security, human rights, climate change and many more.

Do you know how many nuclear bombs have exploded until now? I don´t remember the exact number, but it was far more than 2000. In my opinion seeing this animation of every bomb exploding on a map was quite a scary highlight of our tour. We also talked about human rights and what the UN does to improve them. Seeing an actual rock from the moon was also a cool thing.

I would recommend the tour because with the right guide you can learn so many new and interesting things about an important organisation, which really tries to make the world a better place! In summary, I want to thank our teachers for making this excursion possible and hope you can also visit the UNO-City soon.